Willa  Armstrong

  • Title / Position: Graduate student
  • Organization: School of Information and Library Science - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

I graduated from UVa with a BA from the Modern Studies program in 2010 and have been pining for Bodo’s and Alderman ever since! I'm currently at UNC-Chapel Hill pursuing an MSLS with a concentration in Archives and Records management. (In fairness, I should mention that we have some pretty delightful foodstuffs and libraries down here as well!) I am interested in the role of volunteers in libraries and the organization of special libraries.

  • Knowing the Audience


    In line with a couple of other posts, I’d love to have a discussion about the audience for digital humanities projects. Do we have any obligations in terms of who we create these for? What are the expectations of them? How can we widen the scope of who is being reached? It’s exciting to think that tools are being created that can be used for instruction in the classroom, to advance scholarly work, and to create communities; I wonder how to balance all these different roles within one project. Or should they be created with one goal in mind? It’d be great to hear first-hand from those who develop projects to see how these considerations are evaluated and used to shape projects. I’d also love to hear what others think about the different environments generating this work. As a student newly entranced by the excitement of digital humanities, I’m still a little unsure of the lay of the land. Perhaps we could talk about the different ways and places from which this work can be happened upon.

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