• Neatline Hands-On

    Following up on the Neatline workshop yesterday afternoon, I propose a more “hands-on” session in the Scholars’ Lab fellows’ lounge (complete Neatline on large, shiny iMac screens…) in which we can play around with Omeka and Neatline, experiment with Geoserver, and talk about possible use cases and ideas for new features.

    As I mentioned in the workshop yesterday, developing “framework” applications like Neatline is a challenge because you’re constantly walking a line between making the software too abstract (not enough features, not just right for any project) and too concrete (hyper-specific features that work great for a specific use case, but not for anything else).

    What kinds of new features in the Neatline application would be most useful? How closely should Neatline be coupled with the underlying Omeka collection? I’d love to sit down and talk about specific project ideas and generally think about the direction for ongoing development.


  1. I’m in, as long as I can also do iBook Author segment. I like Neatline a lot.

  2. lisaschamess says:

    I did not make it to any of the Neatline sessions, but am very, very interested in participating in its development and refinement over time as a potential user. My digital profile: I know just enough to be a danger to myself and others. LOOK OUT, I’M GOING TO USE CODE.

    I look forward to lots of opportunities to track and interact with the Neatline development. Thank you!

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