Vic  Sansing

  • Title / Position: 3rd grade student
  • Organization: William Perry Elementary School

I'm a third-grader at William Perry. I specialize in Minecraft (which is a game in which you can build whatever you want, however you want, and you can use it to build things for class, you can give presentations with it, whatever). I'm learning about medieval times in TAG. I've gotten really good with medieval history and I'm going on a field trip to Maryland in March to the Baltimore Medieval Times castle. I think it'll be interesting! They have over ten coats of armor and there will be people dressed up in medieval costumes. I'm also an artist. I've done a lot of paintings. I just made one on Tuesday!

  • minecraft for fun!


    Hi, my name is Vic. I’m one of the kids coming to THATCamp. My proposal is about Minecraft, which is kind of like a computer game, but it’s also not, really. You can run it on a Mac or a PC, and you can use it to build many cool things, from realism to abstraction. I’ve been playing Minecraft since the start — since it was released on May 17th, 2009 (when I was five years old).

    I’m going to bring my Hackintosh and my Dad’s Mac laptop. I run a Minecraft server for me, my Dad, and my friends. I’d be happy to show it to you and teach you some building strategies. You can mine or build anything!

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