Dan  Doernberg


President of Fairness.com LLC (publisher of the Fairness.com website as well as NowComment software). Founder of Computer Literacy Bookshops (Silicon Valley 1983-1997), the world's largest computer science and electrical engineering bookstores. Did a bit of computer history publishing, a few books still in print (http://www.peerllc.com).

  • Online discussion/annotation apps


    Topics might include: which discussion tools you like and use most (and why), what features you find most valuable and what features are still needed, what variables seem most important in engaging readers, tips and tricks you’ve found useful, etc.

    A possible point of departure: A team at UVA’s Curry School has been looking at what a next-generation online discussion tool might look like and can share its preliminary design for comments, criticisms, and suggestions.

    Submitted by:
    Dan Doernberg, NowComment.com
    Bill Ferster, UVA Curry School

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