• minecraft for fun!

    Hi, my name is Vic. I’m one of the kids coming to THATCamp. My proposal is about Minecraft, which is kind of like a computer game, but it’s also not, really. You can run it on a Mac or a PC, and you can use it to build many cool things, from realism to abstraction. I’ve been playing Minecraft since the start — since it was released on May 17th, 2009 (when I was five years old).

    I’m going to bring my Hackintosh and my Dad’s Mac laptop. I run a Minecraft server for me, my Dad, and my friends. I’d be happy to show it to you and teach you some building strategies. You can mine or build anything!



  1. More on Minecraft here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minecraft

    My husband, who is a middle school teacher, uses it in a variety of ways in the classroom — and Vic and his friends have made a pretty wildly creative island, complete with colossal statues and its own economy.

  2. John Walter says:


    I’d be interested in a session introducing Minecraft. A number of my friends and their kids have convinced me that I should check it out but I haven’t yet done so. I’d love to see what you and your friends have built, hear your tips, and I’d be interested in learning how your dad has been using the game in his classes as well.

  3. syg2au says:

    Hi Vic! Thought you’d be interested in seeing a fully functional Minecraft clock that someone built: imgur.com/a/cxiJj I hope we get to see what you build at the end of THATCamp!

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