A doctoral candidate in the UVA English Department interested in comparative Renaissance literature, the philosophy of science, and the history of Renaissance cosmography.

  • Producing Digital Ethnographies “On the Spot”


    A short and sweet session proposal based on discourse and creation:

    I’d like to propose a session where we choose a place of current global significance outside of the United States. Using Google Maps as a window, I’d like for a group to then gather information and produce, in the limited time frame of the session, a google doc ethnography that tries to combine global statistics with real local knowledge and insight (restaurant reviews, local newspapers, local blogs can all be combined into an ethnographic matrix of ideas). With so much emphasis on the global and on the transnational in both literary studies and the digital humanities, this session would be a real test for how these tools can help scholars gather local knowledge and form a starting point for ethnographic engagement with a location.

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