PC  Fleming


I am a PhD candidate, working on finishing a dissertation about children's literature and the history of the novel in the 19th century. My first experience with DH was working with the Rossetti Archive, and though my dissertation is non-digital I've stayed in touch with the field through EELS, a reading group that meets a few times a semester to discuss "electronically enabled literary scholarship," and as a NINES fellow.

  • News in the Classroom / Dynamic Syllabi


    Given all the tools most of us use to manage our daily reading habits, I’d like to hear how this could be used to the classroom. Not every class wants to engage with the news of the day, but I can imagine many advantages to having students engage with very recent events. Since we obviously can’t build these into a syllabus before hand, I’m wondering if anyone has experience (or wants to brainstorm about) using RSS feeds, or something else, in a class: how do we keep our students and ourselves up to date on recent events? How could we ensure we all have the same focus? Or the same information? Or usefully contrasting information (can some students watch Fox, some the Daily Show)?

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