Natasha  Richter

  • Title / Position: Graduate Student
  • Organization: University of Virginia

I am a second year MA student at the University of Virginia with interests in 19th Century British literature, bibliography and textual editing (especially in the digital era), and projects in the digital humanities arena. I am actually fairly new to the digital humanities front; however, it has been an interest of mine in my graduate career. As aforementioned, in Professor Alison Booth's "Austen in Print and Film" class, I created a "Sense and Sensibility Google Lit Trip" using Google Earth technology to spatially interact with the novel, which is so deeply invested in female mobility. Professor Booth really encouraged digital projects and inspired me with her own work in that field!

Right now, my interests are not just in geospatial technology, but also hypertext programs which aid scholars in their editing projects. My MA thesis involves creating a critical edition of a chapter of R.D. Blackmore's "Perlycross," and while physical tools such as the Hinman collating machine are useful, so are digital resources. I am not just interested in textual editing, then, but in the improvement of the software which editors can utilize.

After graduation, I am hoping to work in the digital humanities field. Later on, I would like to go on for my doctorate in English literature. Undoubtedly, then, I will engage in digital projects too, which is an exciting prospect!

Fun side-note: I love playing Starcraft in my free time. And Day 9 (Sean Plott of is my all-time favorite Starcraft eSports caster. Now HE is someone with a digital presence - and also one of Forbes Top 30 under 30 up and coming entrepreneurs. Sorry; I'm slightly obsessed with him!

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