Markus  Flatscher

  • Title / Position: Editorial and Technical Specialist
  • Organization: Rotunda, UVa Press

I've been with Rotunda since 2007, doing what I think should be called Document Engineering. (Official job title: Editorial and Technical Specialist)

Originally, MA in Historical Linguistics and in Philosophy of Science (2003). Got into TEI working at an archive in various digitization projects. Took some logic and formal methods classes at a philosophy department and realized they were taught better at the CompSci department. Took a couple of classes there and have since enjoyed the bitter-sweet pleasure of knowing just enough to see some of the light, but often not enough to figure out how to switch it on. Turns out the same is true of statistics. I spend most of my time studying up to learn how to throw some of those switches without hurting myself (or others) too much in the process.

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