Kevin  Shupe

  • Title / Position: Senior Reference Archivist
  • Organization: Library of Virginia

In the early 1990s, when I was employed as an archivist, I met a grad student working on the Valley of the Shadow project. I thought this was the greatest thing, and I tried (unsuccessfully) to convince several historical organizations that this was the path to the future. A few years later I built a museum's website and became involved in museum and technology organizations. In 2000 I got a masters degree in Internet Strategy, and in 2011 I finished a PhD in history from George Mason University. As part of my research into the public representation of Geronimo I compiled a database of newspaper articles, 1876-1910, that now has 20,000+ entries. I also have compiled a database of images of Geronimo -- photographs, postcards, portraits, engravings, etc. I am interested in using this research for some kind of DH project.

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