Aimée  Morrison

  • Title / Position: Associate Professor, English
  • Organization: University of Waterloo
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @digiwonk

I've been working in digital humanities since 1997, when I had an MA RA with The Orlando Project at the University of Guelph--I was later a post-doc on that project as well, at the University of Alberta. At Waterloo, I teach courses in media theory and history, new media design, and literature. I teach the course in Multimedia Design at the DHSI in Victoria. I have published on blogging, on DH pedagogy, video games, and democracy on the Internet. My current research examines autobiographical practices in social media.

  • Proposed session: iBooks author


    I’m proposing a session to work on figuring out / optimizing the use of / discovering an excellent purpose for the iBooks author app.

    With my research assistant Lauren Burr, who has been moving all my teaching materials for the Multimedia course at the Digital Humanities Summer Institute from HTML to iBook e-textbook format, I’ve been trying to explore the potentials and the limitations of this publishing and editing format. There’s been some hiccups and some learning along the way, as well as some bug fixes from Apple.

    So, I have a half-done textbook I can share around for us to play with, a real project that has hit some real obstacles, or we can all work on our own stuff together, or we can argue about proprietary formats and iDevices, too. I think it would be really fun to put this app through its paces in a non-hypothetical situation with lots of media (I’ve got galleries and movies and podcasts and such all through my book).

    You’ll need a Mac with the (free) iBooks Author app installed, and an iPad to preview the e-book on.

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