• THATCamp for Kids

    We are attending with our 13-year-old, who loves writing and digital photography. I’d like to know who else is bringing kids this year, and how we might engage them? Because of Mona’s schedule, we will be late or no-show (sadly) at the Friday sessions. Maybe we can meet up with other families w/kids at the dinner that evening?

    I am a writer and writing teacher, and would be happy to host a creative writing workshop in the afternoon for any kids who want to get together to write. In particular (or instead), I am really intrigued by the possibilities for the Zen Scavenger Hunt described here. That seems like it’d be great for any age participant. I don’t know the UVa campus all that well, so I’d like to run it with someone who is more familiar with the surroundings. It is the kind of thing the kids and other participants can engage in all day (since there is no list until later), then gather in the afternoon or early evening before dinner to compare notes.

    We could run this as a regular scavenger hunt instead, with a fairly general list that stimulates creativity (“an object that fits in your hand,” “something red,” “something that was once alive,”) and/or have kids document with cameras, pen & paper, maps, and phones in case there is concern about collecting actual things (might get out of hand :-)…Would love to hear thoughts about how to put something together that is fun and flexible for families and younger participants to do.



  1. vicsansing says:

    Hi, I’m Vic and I’m 8. I’ll be at THATCamp with my mom. I think your creative writing idea sounds really cool and I would love to do it. Mom and I just read about the Zen Scavenger Hunt and we think it would be fun to do, too.

  2. lisaschamess says:

    Hi Vic! Can’t wait to meet you and your mom. Are you two going to be at dinner on Friday?

    The way I teach creative writing is pretty fun because it’s based on journaling, so anything you can do with a blank page works (including doodling, drawing, and making a stuff out of paper…as long as there is writing on it somewhere…)

  3. Vic and I will be at Boylan Heights for dinner around 6, and it would be great to see other families there! (We’re not sure how many kids will make it on Saturday, but hope to see them proposing their own sessions or doing variations of the grown-up ones. We have a trick or two up our sleeves, too!)

    Edited to say: Bedtime! I just missed showing him your nice reply.

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