• HTML and CSS Crash Course

    If anyone’s interested, I’d be happy to organize a session introducing basic HTML and CSS. All you’d need to participate in this is a laptop with a good ol’ text editor and a browser. We can cover basic HTML markup and CSS syntax, and maybe end with some presentation/discussion of resources for going further.

    If it turns out there isn’t enough time or space to do this, but folks are interested in it, we could always find time to talk in between sessions, or after the event.



  1. Sounds really cool. I’ll be there.

  2. Erin White says:

    I can be the TA on this session if there’s a lot of interest.

  3. I’m interested. Crash, indeed, that’s me.

  4. George Brett says:

    If doesn’t conflict with other topic, I’ll be there.

  5. Ayla says:

    I attended the first day of THATCamp Philly last week and found the sesosins I particularly looked at Omeka extremely informative, practical, and useful. I’m working on a way to get to THATCamp Baltimore since the emphasis on publishing makes it even more relevant. Also the Camp afforded a great opportunity to meet and connect with a variety of bright people working in a number of growing areas of scholarly communication. Definitely worth the time and effort!

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