• 5K Run (for varying values of “fun”)

    I’m proposing, as one session, participation in the 5K run being hosted by the English Dept’s grad student association. The run will start at 10:30 just outside Alderman Library, so not far at all from the Scholars Lab. I believe also I’ll be able to get THATCampers access to shower and locker-room facilities nearby, though whether that is directly next to the library or one bus stop away is not yet nailed down.

    The registration link is here: graduate.engl.virginia.edu/gesa/fivek.html

    Hope to see some of you at the starting line!


  1. Kathleen Thompson says:

    I’m in- just signed up! Gotta love a conference where it’s okay to show up in running clothes… 🙂

  2. Rudy says:

    Do you have any details about the cotennt of the program yet? It sounds enticing. Before I make a decision, here’s a little about my background; it may help you: I’m a librarian of three decades’ standing (hard to believe!) and have been a reference librarian at the Free Library of Philadelphia for 25 years (and 15 days, but who’s counting), working mainly with adults and teens, in all subjects, especially those in which I also work with outside organizations: history, genealogy, social issues, health and medicine (especially consumer-health information), languages and literature (especially French), and music. Teaching people how to find and use information, and how to use such library resources as computers, databases and staff, is probably the most enjoyable and rewarding aspect of my job. I’m not a techie and have no particular desire to be one, but I do use computers all the time and know how helpful they can be.

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